Infrastructure SUSEN

This website gives information about the Research and scientific infrastructure of the Research Centre Rez.

This Sustainable Energy Research Infrastructure is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the form of a subsidy from the state budget in support of the Sustainable Energy Project with the identification code LM2015093.

The project will be supported by Sustainable Energy Research (hereinafter SUSEN – SUStainable ENergy) as a two-regional center (NUTS 2 Southwest and Central Bohemia) for the research and development of sustainable energy with a close link to the European Research Area. This high-end large research infrastructure together with the use of a large research infrastructure Reactors will create the conditions to meet three basic strategic goals:

1. To contribute to the safe, reliable and long-term sustainable operation of existing nuclear power plants, in particular GII and GIII, by extending their service life by 20-40 years. The research infrastructure will also enable the research and development of new technologies with high efficiency in the field of classical energy.

2. To contribute by realizing the R&D results to the smooth transition to the new generation nuclear reactors, the so-called GIII+ and GIV. The deployment of these so-called advanced nuclear reactors in the context of sharp operation is expected after 2030. The SUSEN Research Infrastructure will be a supporting research infrastructure for the pre-design and construction phase of the ALLEGRO and ALFRED reactors.

3. Develop border technologies to support the research and development of thermonuclear fusion and the development of fusion materials. Part of SUSEN is also a research infrastructure for renewable energy sources (hydrogen production).