Equipment list

Equipment list

Central and Integrating Topic Research Infrastructure Sustainable energy is energy, especially nuclear, and with it the closely related fields.

RI is designed in a comprehensive way, i.e. from the research of inputs of energy (fuel), materials and components research including diagnostics in production and construction, diagnostics of energy equipment operation (prediction of reliable operation and lifetime extension), disposal and safe storage of energy carriers.

The SUSEN research infrastructure includes in particular:

– testing equipment for investigation of materials and components behavior in nuclear reactor crashes with refrigerant loss (LOCA – Loss Of Coolant Accident)

– fusion reactor primary wall equipment (HELCZA)

– hot chambers for handling high-activity materials and samples equipped with experimental device for material research

– laboratory with highly sensitive analytical instruments (SIMS, HR-STEM, SEM-FIB …)

– laboratory for Research of Geological Storage Radioactive Waste with Hermetic Anaerobic Boxes

– 14 MeV neutron sources for the study of neutron interaction with 14MeV energy with materials for e.g. fusion applications

– experimental loops (helium, CO2, supercritical and ultracritical water)

– the hydrogen technology laboratory

– powerful gamma irradiator

– test equipment for the development of manipulators for mounting and repair of irradiated parts of liquid metal systems

– laboratory for the research of methods minimizing the volume of liquid radioactive waste

– hot cups laboratory

– corrosion laboratory

– electrochemical and analytical laboratory

– surface analysis laboratory

– fusion welding laboratory