Cooperation with the international research area

Cooperation with the international research area

Nuclear research has a strong international character. Calls that arise in connection with the operation of existing nuclear power plants must be addressed internationally. This mainly concerns the safety of the reactors.

Research and development in favor of next fourth generation reactors goes far beyond the capabilities of individual Member States and is carried out at a European-wide or even on international level. RI SUSEN contains facilities that enable research to meet the concepts contained in the European SET Plan as well as the Generation IV International Forum (GIF).

Under the SET Plan was developed as one of the pillars of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), the European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Initiative (ESNI1) a Road Map (ESNII Roadmap), which sets out European targets for the construction of demonstrators for GEN IV. In this document, the sodium-cooled nuclear reactor IV. generation, is listed as the main technology – ASTRID and as reference concepts the gas (He) cooled reactor – ALLEGRO and the lead-cooled reactor – ALFRED. RI SUSEN includes research facilities for the ALLEGRA and ALFRED concepts. To achieve this goal, the V4G4 center of excellence (ALLEGRO) was set up, UJV, a. s. which is a member (Parent company CV Rez) and also the consortium FALCON (ALFRED), which CV Rez is a member.

Within the GIF have been identified six new reactor concepts as those to be explored. These are: VFITR (high temperature reactor), molten-solt reactor (MSR), sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor, reactor cooled with water in the supercurrent state (SCWR), gas-cooled fast neutron reactor (GFR), lead-cooled fast neutron reactor (LFR). Within SUSEN is built the RI for VHTR, MSR, SCWR, GFR and LFR. Research in favor of these concepts is and will be international.

CV Rez and its RI SUSEN are also involved in the work of other platforms at European and international level. These include for example NUGENIA ( support to GEN II and IV, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency based in Vienna), IGD – TP (Implementation Geological Disposal Technology Platform), ETSON (European Technical Safety Organisations Network)) or EERA (European Energy Research Alliance).